11-29-16 Basketball

EHS played there first game against Oroville at EHS and won 56-39. Caroline had 4 rebounds and scored 4 points during the game.

11-26-16 Cross Country State Finals

Caroline wrapped up her first year of Cross Country by qualifying and competing in the CIF State Tournament in Fresno, California. She ran a 22:27.2 in the 5,000 meters finishing 174th.

11-13-16 Soccer

Fusion played the final league game at Redding Soccer Park losing to Roseville 4-0. This has record at 15-6-4 and league games at 5-2-3. Caroline will focus on the CIF Cross Country Championships now before playing varsity basketball for Enterprise High School then resume soccer when Fusion reunites in spring for the final Association Cup.   

11-10-16 Cross Country

Caroline raced the NSCIF Championships and took 4th in her division with a 21:50.9 time on the West Valley 3 mile course. This qualifies her for the CIF State Championships in Fresno, California on Noveber 26th.

11-03-16 Cross Country

Caroline ran the 5000 meter EAL Championship taking 15th with a time of 21:41.7 that was a PR.